The current position: Inorganic Chemistry
Men Yi

Published Date: 2016-02-28

Men Yi

Men Yi 中文

Associate professor, Ph. D (Tokyo University,Japan), Postdoctor (KeioUniversity, Japan)

Postal address: College of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University, Xinjiekouwaidajie 19, Beijing, 100875, China
Phone: +86-10-58805186; Fax: +86-10-58802075
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Principles of general chemistry, Cyclic voltagrammetry and its application, and Essential Chemistry Experiment

Research Interests

Luminescent Semiconductor Nanoparticles,Luminescent Organometallic Complex,Organic and Inorganic Function Materials

Representative papers

  1. Yi Men, Surinivas R. Korupoju, Masato Kurihara, Jun Mizutani, and Hiroshi Nishihara, Protonation, Deprotonation, and Protonation: Conjugated Photochemical Reactions of Ferrocenylazophenol, Chem. Eur. J. 2005, 11, 7322-7327.
  2. Yi Men, Kenya Kubo, Masato Kurihara, and Hiroshi Nishihara, Redox behavior of biferrocene dithiol and disulfide derivatives in SAMs with and without gold clusters on the gold substrate, Phys., Chem., Chem., Phys., 2001, 3, 3427-3430.
  3. Yi Men, Masayoshi Higuchi, and Kimihisa Yamamoto, Synthesis of the DPA dendron encapsulated gold clusters with metal-assembling function, Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater., 2006, 7 139-144.

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