The current position: Polymer Chemistry
Lin Li

Published Date: 2017-08-30

Lin Li

Lin Li English


Professor and Supervisor for PhD. candidates, Ph. D (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Postal address: College of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University, Xinjiekouwaidajie 19, Beijing, 100875, China

Phone: +86-10-6220 7629; Fax: +86-10-6220 6152



Advances in Modern Chemistry

Research Interests

Polymer Crystallization, Lithium Ion Battery and Separator, Nano Ion Channel.

Representative papers

  1. Zhou X, Zhang XS, Zhou JJ, Li L. “An investigation of chitosan and its derivatives on red blood cell agglutination” RSC Advances 2017, 7: 12247-12254.
  2. Zhao XX, Wang DH, Yuan NN, Zheng Y, Li L, Bo ZS, Huo H. “Formation of phenyl-C-61-butyric acid methyl ester nanoscale aggregates after supercritical carbon dioxide annealing” Journal of Materials Science 2017, 52: 2484-2494.
  3. Li LP, Zhang QX, Huo H, Zhou JJ, Li L. “Glutamic acid derivatives as gelators for electrolyte of lithium ion batteries” RSC Advances 2016, 6: 88820-88825.
  4. Zhao XX, Wang DH, Yuan NN, Zheng Y, Li L, Bo ZS, Huo H. “Relation between morphology and performance parameters of poly(3-hexylthiophene):Phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester photovoltaic devices” Organic Electronics 2016, 28:189-196.
  5. Yin XN, Wang J, Zhou JJ, Li L. “Mussel-inspired modification of Microporous polypropylene membranes for functional catalytic degradation” Chinese Journal of Polymer Science 2015, 33, 1721-1729.
  6. Wang J, Hu ZY, Yin XN, Huo H, Zhou JJ*, Li L. “Alumina /Phenolphthalein Polyetherketone Ceramic Composite Polypropylene Separator Film for Lithium Ion Power Batteries” Electrochimica Acta 2015, 159, 61-65.
  7. Wang LL, Zhang HC, Yang Z, Zhou JJ, Wen LP, Li L, Jiang L. “Fabrication of hydrogel-coated single conical nanochannels exhibiting controllable ion rectification characteristics ” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2015, 17, 6367-6373.
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  10. Zeng L, Yang Z, Zhang HC, Hou X, Tian Y, Yang F, Zhou JJ, Li L, Jiang L. “Tunable ionic transport control inside a bio-inspired constructive bi-channel nanofluidic device” Small 2014, 10, 793-801.


  1. Zhou JJ, Liu FQ, Li L. “Acidic Binder for Sulfur Cathode, Li-S Battery and Their Preparation”, Application Number: 201610393604.
  2. Zhou JJ, Hu ZY, Li L. “Piezo-Ceramic Composite Separator, Its Preparation and Lithium Ion Batteries”, Application Number: 201610366285.
  3. Zhou JJ, Liu FQ, Li L. “electrolyte gel, Li-S battery and its preparation”, Application Number: 201610393267.

Research Projects

  1. Natural Science Foundation of China, “Study on Energy Conversion Characteristics of Biomimetic Nano-Channel Separator” (Grant No.21434003) 2015.01-2019.12.
  2. Beijing Municipal Education Commission, “Pilot Production of Separator for Power Lithium Ion Batteries”,2016.01-2018.12.

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